Keeping one’s eyes and ears open

Keeping one’s eyes and ears open, breathing in the world’s phenomena and drawing conclusions about everything is Susanna Björklund’s job. Now Susanna, founder and curator of the annual ‘Signals’ trend exhibition at Habitare, predicts some rising trends for us.

Signals 1

There is never only one trend but always a mix of many. We live in an information society and trends come and go faster than ever, so relaxation in following trends is advisable. Better to think of trends not as strict rules but as the notes of the changing world around us. Trust your own taste.

Signals 2

The notion of ‘buying less but better’ is growing stronger and could soon be classed as a megatrend. Climate change is forcing us to slow it down, as how we consume impacts the world we live in. When the designs we wear and use last longer, we can leave a heritage of beautiful things instead of a pile of trash. Great design is timeless, it becomes hard to tell the age of the product. They rock in changing times.

Signals 3

The Bauhaus school, birthplace of modern architecture, was founded exactly one hundred years ago. The modern way they understood design and architecture echoes still. Its influential graphic forms run deep and are seen in today’s design also.

Signals 4

Colours are made to be combined. Art often proves that you can put almost any colours together and it ends up looking good and inspiring. But in our homes and wardrobes we’re still picky and cautious, although we should loosen up. Use colour like an artist does.

Signals 5

From candy colours we are moving towards murkier shades: mustard yellow and other yellowish browns, pale orange, coral, khaki. They all look good individually and brighten up when paired with hot pink for example.

Signals 6

The anniversaries of milestones and cultural events impact rising trends. Fifty years ago, people walked on the moon for the first time. Space as a theme is seen in design and fashion through patterns and forms.

Signals 7

Home as a peaceful place to unwind is more important than ever in this hectic world. Our homes should reflect our thoughts and visions of a beautiful space, rather than be a platform for interior trends to take place. A harmonious home demonstrates our personality and is a place where things we love come together, no matter what styles they represent.

Signals 8

Round forms in design are important as they lend an approachable look to objects. Research has proven that round shapes also awaken feelings of happiness.

Signals 9

Tiles that are used insightfully as part of an interior—not just in kitchens and bathrooms—are still going strong.

Signals 10

Playfulness is a trend that continues to flourish. Wild wallpaper, colourful floors, funny shapes in design, or an old armchair with odd upholstery; all of the things that make you smile
are trendy.

Signals 11

Traditional styles alongside new designs. For example, traditional tartans look surprisingly fresh when they have something modern next to them. Checked materials look good after the blooming trend of floral prints.

The official annual trend exhibition of Habitare Interior Fair ‘Signals’ can be found in Habitare in hall 6c2. The exhibition is curated by trend analyst and designer Susanna Björklund and interior architect and designer Sisse Collander. This year the themes of Signals are The Illusion of Time, Water, Empathy and Emotions, and In the Bubble.